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Setup an amazon associates store using WordPress

Build an amazon affiliate site in just 30 minutes Wordpress is a great tool for creating all kind of websites like an eshop or an affiliate store. Notice: If you aren't affiliated with Amazon then you can follow my guide How to become an Amazon Affiliate and then visit this Guide to setup your Amazon … [Read more...]

WordPress vs Blogger(blogspot) which one is the best free blogging platform?

WordPress.com Automattic, Inc. hosts and maintains free blogging platform using the dot.com extension. This free blogging platform helps blog owners create remarkable content without any interruption. Content is backed-up automatically, secure, and their expert support team maintains the technical side of … [Read more...]

WordPress Permalinks 101

After installing WordPress many of you probably noticed that the url structure of your website is somewhat confusing for both search engines and your visitors. For example you can see ugly url's like www.website.com/?p=1 where ?p=1 makes no sense, so in this post our goal is to make your WordPress url … [Read more...]

Top 6 WordPress Membership Plugins for 2012

Millions of people around the globe own their own Wordpress blog or website and continually post content on that blog for free. Most will never make a single cent from all of their hard work though, since they may not know¬†how to properly monetize their website. Those who do make some money will often tell … [Read more...]

Create your own WordPress blog in just 12 minutes

One of the things that many people are doing wrong from the start is creating their online presence using blogging services like Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com(even though we love Wordpress.org). The reason I don't like these sites is that your content belongs to them(read their TOS carefully) while at the … [Read more...]