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SPAM: Twitter Page by Blogger Andy Moore

Soft Spam by Blogger Andy Moore([email protected])

Email Spam for Twitter MarketingIt seems Blogger Andy Moore is quite impressed with my website that decided to spam me with the following email:

I just visited your website and I’m quite impressed! I was wondering if you have a Twitter account for your business? If  you do, can you let me know your username? I just posted a link to your site on my Facebook wall to encourage others to have a peek.  As a word of advice, I would  suggest you to utilize social media sites to get more visits. I’ve personally been promoting my business and blogs on  Twitter and Facebook and getting a lot of traffic from that. I’ve also been using a company called Famepack:  Eat My Spam to increase my followers and likes. Have a look, it might be valuable to you as well.
Anyway, If you have a Twitter account, let me know so I can follow you and give you a shoutout on my Twitter page.
Andy Moore

This is a alternative soft approach that many spammers now choose to promote their business.
I received the same email to other websites of mine and I’m not so happy about it.

A quick fix that will eliminate 80% of those spam emails would be to add to my contact form a captcha code, shame on me for not doing so YET!

This WordPress Ajax Contact Form has a nice feature build that lets you add catchall check for contact form’s, I m going to try it soon enough 😉

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