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If You Run a Meme Website..

Funny image and Meme related websites have become a huge thing in the online industry today. Ever since meme's started taking off across both Tumblr and Facebook pages the search volume for these types of pictures has skyrocketed. Along with that, people can easily purchase status updates on huge Facebook … [Read more...]

Backlink Building Tips

I still get shocked when I look around some of the different webmaster forums and see people asking newbie questions about how to build backlinks. This task really isn't that hard to do, but can play a very large role when it comes to where your website is ranking in the search engines. Backlinks, whether … [Read more...]

HostGator Coupon 35% Discount

This is more like a Newsflash post instead of an in depth blog post that I usually publish, the reason is so simple; If you are looking to get cheap BUT reliable hosting, I recommend HostGator for having both virtues and to make it even more appealing they just emailed me a SPECIAL 35% DISCOUNT  for … [Read more...]

How to override Helvetica fonts on FireFox and Chrome

Replace Helvetica fonts Video Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f92mOpSt7R4 While browsing websites there was some of them that render fonts the wrong way.At the same time I noticed that those very websites when accessed from my laptop worked fine and their fonts didn't have any render issues so that … [Read more...]

Spam by Matthew Sanders

After being spammed by Blogger Andy Moore it was time that another page of mine Gadget Police gets same type of spam from Matthew Sanders email: [email protected] If Famepack thinks that they are helping their brand promotion I must say they'll get a nasty surprise when Google flags them as … [Read more...]