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GoDaddy API Certification Process

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the GoDaddy API certification process but it is a real pain! You may have even found this post by Googling a question about Creating a Shopper inside Step 2 or Polling the .BIZ resourceID in Step 3 to try and find some help. Needless to say, the GoDaddy (AKA: … [Read more...]

Daily Best of The Drop (SnapNames)

Whether you are looking to drop catch deleting domains or simply back order them through Namejet or SnapNames, there is an easy way to find some of the better domains set to delete each day. SnapNames provide a list called the Daily Best of the Drop which provides about 50 domains or so that are getting ready … [Read more...]

NameSilo Launches New Discount Program

The month of March is starting off pretty good with a new announcement from the NameSilo registrar. Emails were sent out today announcing the new NameSilo Discount Program which will allow for even bigger savings on new domain registrations and renewals. The nice thing about this new program is that unlike … [Read more...]

Domain Drop Catching Software

There is big money to be made in the expired/deleting domains market. Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of domains dropping and becoming available for new registration. Sure, some of the best ones will always get snagged up by the big companies with big bucks such as Snapnames or Namjet - but there are … [Read more...]

Escrow to Offer Euro Transactions

Anyone who has ever dealt with large domain or website sales in the past is probably familiar with the Escrow service. As many of you may already know, Escrow.com only allows for transactions in US dollars. But, that is about to change! Starting in April 2013, the company plans to give clients the ability … [Read more...]