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Google Chrome favourite extensions as a domainer

Domaining requires many clicks, alt+tabs, esc's and other keystrokes that make our domaining life simpler and most of all faster. Amongst allbrowsers only two stand out as my favourites, Opera and Chrome. In this article I m going to post extensions/plugins for Chrome that I use the most and write a short … [Read more...]

Luis Manuel Ramirez, failed to pay for a llll .com domain

Name: Luis Manuel Ramirez Email: - Domain: It was a high quality llll.com Address: Batallon De San Patricio 109 Piso 8, 66250 Valle Oriente, Mexico Date: 2 July 2010 Amount: $3110 "Buyer" negotiated this domain with me for one day, I decided he was going to by the domain for $3100 but as it seems this … [Read more...]

Enom.tv special discount, register .tv’s for $12.99/1yr

I ve just received an email from Enom.tv letting me know about a special .tv promotion they are running having every .tv domain registration at $12.99 for one year. Thats a pretty good reg fee for .tv's so I m going to try them out. additional details for this offer: * "The promotional discount for … [Read more...]

Get your own WordPress Blog Website for free(Limited offer)

Since I have lots of free time and energy too I 've decided to created a limited offer for getting your own Wordpress blog website, for free. While this service its free, development quality and plugin variety will have high standards equal, if not higher, to any other blog development services you can find … [Read more...]

25 of the best free wordpress templates

Wordpress blog cms is used by thousands of websites being currently the most famous cms of them all. If you want to build your own wordpress website then you should pay special attention choosing your favorite template because this will be the base of your website development and any wrong choice will follow … [Read more...]