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How to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score

When managing a Google AdWord Campaign one of the first and most important things to check is the Quality Score for chosen keywords. Keyword Quality Score is an estimation of how relevant finds a visitor/user your ad, keywords and landing page.The higher the QS the better is the ad served by Google Adwords … [Read more...]

How to get your website to be recrawled by Google

https://youtu.be/0KZ4tk_Qlws Being a webmaster means that you must monitor all the time your website footprint in major search engines such as Google in order to keep your serp's in good standing. There are times that you need to get Google to re-crawl your website in order to index your updates like for … [Read more...]

Heartless Computers or Impassioned Writers: Which Would You Choose?

Back in the 1960s there was a prime time animated TV series known as "The Jetsons." As a child I remember being fascinated with the families made; a robot seemingly intelligent enough to take the place of a human maid in every aspect. Alongside "The Jetsons" there was a whole laundry list of television … [Read more...]

If You Run a Meme Website..

Funny image and Meme related websites have become a huge thing in the online industry today. Ever since meme's started taking off across both Tumblr and Facebook pages the search volume for these types of pictures has skyrocketed. Along with that, people can easily purchase status updates on huge Facebook … [Read more...]

Backlink Building Tips

I still get shocked when I look around some of the different webmaster forums and see people asking newbie questions about how to build backlinks. This task really isn't that hard to do, but can play a very large role when it comes to where your website is ranking in the search engines. Backlinks, whether … [Read more...]