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Attempt of reverse domain hijacking

Some hours ago I read a topic in AllThings.TV with the title Márcio Mello Chaves is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and I am Going to Make him and Saveme.com.br Famous.Those last 2 years I read more and more each day about such cases so to be honest it didnt surprise me at first sight. Reading further into the … [Read more...]

Anarchy.info with no reserve at sedo, 36 hours left – SOLD

Anarchy.info is one of the rare premium .info domains for sale that is related with form of government.Perfect fit for the .info extension, can be developed on a huge informative portal about anarchy that will features, quotes, articles, rss feeds and a community about anarchy. SOLD This domain is your … [Read more...]

List with registrars who offer domain privacy services

I tried to gather some of the most well know domain privacy service providers making it easier for you to compare prices between them. NameCheap.com WhoisGuard Domain Privacy Protection from $2.88 per year Dynadot.com Domain Privacy Service $2 per year PrivateRegistration.com Domains from $1.99 for the … [Read more...]

What will happen with .tv domains if Tuvalu sinks?

First of all I must say that I feel embarassed simplifying a country's potential tragody, I hope that Tuvalu wont sink for their and our sake.So, lets get to the point of this article; there is an urban legend saying that .tv domains will stop existing just after Tuvalu sinks making this cctld absent since … [Read more...]

Buying websites is the new trend but be careful – random Latonas listing as example

It seems like some domain brokers are now trying to sell online properties aka websites as well. They are probably following a trend where domainers get more and more into buying websites instead of domains and reselling them for a profit. Since I ve been there myself I thought its time to write down a short … [Read more...]