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Tune.TV just got a new home

Tune.TV Sold! Its just been a few hours in 2014 and I'm happy to announce that I sold one more of my .tv domains  only three days ago. Lucky owner is the one that owns Tune.pk a very active video sharing website in Pakistan, hopefully will use Tune.TV to extend his business even more taking advantage the … [Read more...]

Best Domain Forums

There are tons of different domaining forums out on the web today. If you've never joined one then you're definitely missing out on a ton of good fun and knowledge. Forums are an excellent way for people to ask questions, share knowledge and pass by some of the time. The biggest issue I find with forums is … [Read more...]

Oversee Launches AirportParking

The technology company Oversee.net put out a press release out on April 17th announcing the launch of AirportParking.com, which "offers a fast, easy way for web and mobile users to find and compare rates, features and consumer reviews of off-site airport parking lots." “Users can book their reservations at … [Read more...]

Snatcher Sells for $4,250

I'm a domain fanatic who loves to chase expired domain names and write code. It took me months to finish and release my personal domain drop catching software (DesktopCatcher) which will assist with drop catching expired domains. Now, it's no surprise that I have an account at most of the domain forums online … [Read more...]

Domains on Flippa

I was browsing around Flippa and came across some really good domains that are currently in auction. If you're looking to invest then you may wanna check out some of the listings below and get your bids in before it's too late! Actor.net The name pretty much explains it all. This auction currently has two … [Read more...]